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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General

    1. Do I have to revalidate?
    2. My logbook has run out of space. What should I do?
    3. What confirmation letters do I need to obtain from my company in order to revalidate my Offshore Certificate?
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  2. Applying Online

    1. What do I do if I cannot log in online?
    2. Why don't I have the option to start my revalidation application?
    3. How much will my application cost?
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  3. Self-Elevating Platform (Jack Up) DP Scheme

    1. How can I find the additional documents needed for the Self-Elevating Platform (Jack Up) scheme?
    2. How do I complete the logbook for the Self-Elevating Platform (Jack Up) Scheme?
    3. Who can sign off the DP operations for the Self-Elevating Platform(Jack Up) Scheme?
  4. New Offshore Scheme

    1. Do I need to send in my documents?
    2. I have two Master's signing off my DP sea time, which one do I enter on my application online?
    3. My logbook is missing some of the tasks. What should I do?
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  5. Old Offshore Scheme

    1. Is sea time accrued on board any DP equipped vessel eligible to gain a DP certificate?
    2. Am I ready to apply for a certificate on the Offshore Old Scheme?
    3. Can I take my Advanced course directly after my Basic course (Back to Back)?
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  6. Offshore Revalidation

    1. When can I revalidate my Offshore DP Certificate?
    2. What counts as a DP sea time day for revalidation for the Offshore Schemes?
    3. Where should I log the time to be used for revalidation for the Offshore Schemes?
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  7. Shuttle Tanker

    1. What is the definition of sea time for the Shuttle Tanker scheme?
    2. What are Courses A and B?
    3. Can I use time from before my Induction course towards my certificate?
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  8. Shuttle Tanker Revalidation

    1. What must be sent to The Nautical Institute for revalidation or conversion of Restricted Shuttle Tanker DP certificates?
  9. DP Vessel Maintainer (DPVM) Scheme

    1. Do I need to send in my documents?
    2. Is the NI DPVM certificate essential?
    3. Where can I get the DPVM Logbook, and how much does it cost?
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