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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General

    1. Do I have to revalidate?
    2. My logbook has run out of space. What should I do?
    3. What confirmation letters do I need to obtain from my company in order to revalidate my Offshore Certificate?
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  2. Applying Online

    1. What do I do if I cannot log in online?
    2. Why don't I have the option to start my revalidation application?
    3. How much will my application cost?
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  3. Self-Elevating Platform (Jack Up) DP Scheme

    1. How can I find the additional documents needed for the Self-Elevating Platform (Jack Up) scheme? Confirmation letter template
    2. How do I complete the logbook for the Self-Elevating Platform (Jack Up) Scheme?
    3. Who can sign off the DP operations for the Self-Elevating Platform(Jack Up) Scheme?
  4. New Offshore Scheme

    1. Do I need to send in my documents?
    2. I have two Master's signing off my DP sea time, which one do I enter on my application online?
    3. My logbook is missing some of the tasks. What should I do?
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  5. Old Offshore Scheme

    1. Is sea time accrued on board any DP equipped vessel eligible to gain a DP certificate?
    2. Am I ready to apply for a certificate on the Offshore Old Scheme?
    3. Can I take my Advanced course directly after my Basic course (Back to Back)?
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  6. Offshore Revalidation

    1. When can I revalidate my Offshore DP Certificate?
    2. What counts as a DP sea time day for revalidation for the Offshore Schemes?
    3. Where should I log the time to be used for revalidation for the Offshore Schemes?
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  7. Shuttle Tanker

    1. What is the definition of sea time for the Shuttle Tanker scheme?
    2. What are Courses A and B?
    3. Can I use time from before my Induction course towards my certificate?
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  8. Shuttle Tanker Revalidation

    1. What must be sent to The Nautical Institute for revalidation or conversion of Restricted Shuttle Tanker DP certificates?
  9. DP Vessel Maintainer (DPVM) Scheme

    1. Is the NI DPVM certificate essential?
    2. Where can I get the DPVM Logbook, and how much does it cost?
    3. I have already gained sea time as a DPVM – can I use this to grandfather onto the scheme?
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