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Where can I get the DPVM Logbook, and how much does it cost?

The NI DPVM ('Purple') Logbook will be available from NI-accredited training centres (for new entrants), or direct from NI HQ (for grandfather applicants).

If you are not required to complete the course / exam elements, then you should apply direct to for your logbook, in order that your past exam details can be verified centrally.

All experience you wish to submit towards your application (from Part 2 of the scheme) must be entered into a numbered NI DPVM Logbook.

Contact or refer to our online guidance if you are unsure which route applies to you.

Logbook price: GBP 45.00 (plus GBP 80.00 handling charges, and VAT for UK purchases).

Please note that you will only be able to purchase the DPVM Logbook if you are completing the scheme - they are controlled documents, and not available as standalone products.

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