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What happens if I don't apply within the scheduled timeframe?

For the first revalidation for all DPOs up until 31st December 2019, the new certificate will be issued for a period of five years. After this date The Nautical Institute will issue the certificate based on the date of the revalidation recall.

Example: if the DPO is required to revalidate the certificate in 2015 but only applies for this process in 2017, then the Institute will issue the DP certificate with validity until 2022. For the second revalidation, if the DPO does not apply until 2024, the issue date will only be until 2027 and it means that the DPO will lose two years of his renewal process and will be due to revalidate the DP certificate again in three years’ time instead of five years.

In order to avoid future issues and complaints on this matter, The Nautical Institute has been communicating the requirements and processes for revalidation since 2012 through many channels, including the Institute’s website, companies, conferences and DPTEG members to make sure that everyone in the industry is aware of the need to revalidate their certificates.

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