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Can I sign off on a DP1 vessel to receive an Unlimited DP Certificate?

No. The requirement is that the last 30 DP sea time days served must be on a DP2/3 vessel. If you have enough DP sea time to qualify for an Unlimited DP certificate but sign off with your last 30 DP sea time days on board a DP 1 vessel you will be issued with a Limited DP Certificate. This is because a Master on board a DP1 vessel cannot attest to your competency as a DP operator on board a DP2/3 vessel as he would not have witnessed your handling of the equipment on board this class of vessel.

If you wish to be issued with an Unlimited DP Certificate, you can do one of the following.

• Delay applying for a certificate until you have obtained 30 consecutive DP sea time days on board a DP2/3 vessel.

• Apply for a Limited Certificate first – you can then apply for an Unlimited DP Certificate after you have accumulated 60 DP sea time days on board a DP2/3 vessel, dated after the issue date of your Limited. If your courses and/or DP sea time are due to expire soon, this option ensures you will not have to retake/redo them.

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