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Applying Online - Conversion from Offshore DP Certificate to Shuttle Tanker Restricted DP Certificate

Once the requirements have been completed, you will need to apply online for the conversion to the Shuttle Tanker Restricted DP Certificate.  As you are converting, an account will already be held on The Nautical Institute database with the certificate details and this account must be used. If the login details are not know, please use one of the option on the login page to have a temporary password sent to you.

Once logged in on the NI website, you should update any personal details which may have changed. Depending on which of the requirements were met, you will need to complete all the details within the logbook sections.

Once the new details have been added and saved, the application can be submitted on the main account page and the system will confirm if you are eligible for the conversion. 

Once the information has been accepted and the payment has been completed, the application and all supporting documents should be sent into The Nautical Institute offices for processing.

Please note that all applications are subject to verification once they are received by The Nautical Institute. 

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