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Requirements - Converting from an Offshore DP Certificate to a Shuttle Tanker DP Certificate

For any applicants who have been issued with a Limited or Unlimited certificate by The Nautical Institute and wish to convert to a Shuttle Tanker Restricted DP Certificate or do not have sufficient DP sea time days to revalidate their certificates at the end of the 5-year period, they may choose to have their certificate revalidated as a Shuttle Tanker Restricted DP Certificate.

DP Shuttle Tanker Offshore Loading Operations

The applicant must adhere to the following criteria:

  • At least 18 offshore loading operations and one set of annual trials (or FMEA) within a five-year period.
  • If more than six but fewer than 18 offshore loading operations have been conducted within the past five years, complete Course B (shuttle tanker specific Simulator Course) followed by Phase 3 and 4 of the Shuttle Tanker Scheme.
  • If fewer than six offshore loading operations have been conducted in the five year period, the DPO should restart the Shuttle Tanker process at Phase 2 and complete all subsequent phases. Due to conversion, 24 days sea time can be deducted from the requirements of Phase 2 but all offshore loading operations in pathway A or B must be completed.


Where these revalidation requirements specify participation in annual trials or a FMEA test within a five-year period, in exceptional circumstances this requirement may be fulfilled by participation in an additional simulator course (such as Offshore Loading Phase 3) in lieu of the trials, completed during this five-year period.

Statement of Suitability

A new Statement of Suitability form must be completed after the final phase of sea time and offshore loading operations have been completed.  This form can be downloaded from the NI website. If a new Grey 2015/2017 logbook is held, there is a conversion section to be complete the information.

The master of the last vessel needs to sign the Section F/Suitability Sign off form. The applicant must also sign this form. The signatures on the Statement of Suitability form will be checked against the DP days sea time recorded in the logbook for conversion and also the PDF application form.

Please note that if the applicant is the master of the vessel, the Statement of Suitability must be signed off by one of the following authorised personnel:

  • The vessel Relief Master
  • A certified DPO onboard
  • A Marine Superintendent/Manager who is aware of the applicants DP capabilities

Scanned or photocopies versions of this form cannot be accepted. The original signed form must be submitted with the application.

Confirmation Letters

For conversion applications, company letters confirming the DP days sea time and Offshore Loads must be provided for any time completed after 1st January 2014. The definition of a DP sea time day for revalidation applications will change on 1st January 2015. Any time completed before this time is classed as a minimum of one hour per day on DP watch. After 1st January 2015, the minimum time will be two hours on DP watchin order for the day to be counted.  The required DP sea time days must follow the definitions above.

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