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My logbook is missing some of the tasks. What should I do?

If you have been issued with a New Offshore Scheme grey logbook with a number between 15OF0205001 to 15OF0210000, these contained a printing error where four of the tasks were missing from the logbook.

These tasks have been added to an additional document to be completed as part of the scheme.

These extra task sheets will need to be filled in by the DPO and Master on board and added to your application when you are ready to apply for your certificate. If you have a logbook with one of the above numbers, these four tasks will be accepted if they are signed off during Phase D DP seatime. 

All other tasks must be completed during Phase B, as per the scheme standard. The application will be deemed unsuccessful if the tasks in the logbook are not signed off correctly.

Please see below circular for more information and copies of the additional pages.

Circular 007/2015 with additional task sections missing in the Offshore logbook.

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