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My logbook has run out of space. What should I do?

If you are working on your first application and have not yet been issued with a DP Certificate, please contact the DP Team for guidance as this will depend on the type of logbook you hold.

If you have no more space in your NI logbook and you have already been issued with a DP Certificate, you can request an NI Revalidation Logbook for recording your seagoing experience.  Please click here to order. 

Alternatively, if you have an IMCA logbook, we will accept time recorded in this book for revalidation purposes only.  Please note, the NI does not accept any time entered into an IMCA logbook for first time, or upgrade applications.

Please see IMCA details below:

IMCA Publications
52 Grosvenor Gardens

Tel:       020 7824 5520
Fax:      020 7824 5521

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