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I am on the Old Offshore Scheme and I took my Basic/Advanced course(s) over 5 years ago. Is this OK?

No.  Both the DP Basic/Induction and DP Advanced/Simulator courses, along with your DP sea time, remain valid for six years. Therefore, you should aim to complete the whole DP training programme and submit your application and documents to the NI within this period otherwise, you will be required to retake any expired course(s) †. You will not be able to enter any course dates which are over six years old on the online application.

† You are required to redo your 30 days seagoing DP familiarisation (Section B) after retaking the DP Basic/Induction Course if it is over 6 years old or will be over 6 years old by the time your reapplication documents are received by The Nautical Institute. If any of the dates in your Section C match expired entries in Section B, then your Section C must also be redone. Additional Seagoing Familiarisation Declaration(Section C) forms  are available on our website.

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