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I have attached copies of all my documents. Is this all I need to do?

No. Adding the attachments is only part of the application process. 

If you are applying for your first certificate you need to choose the type of application you want to open. This will take you through to the logbook page of the application where you can add your logbook and enter the information into the correct areas. 

If you are revalidating you must start the revalidation application by clicking on the ‘Revalidate’ button under the options of ‘What do you want to do now?’  This will start the revalidation application and will take you through to where the additional 150 DP days needs to be added. 

Once the information is added, the application should be submitted using the Submit button on the main account page. Once the application is showing as Eligible, the payment can be made to complete the online application.  

After submitting the online application:

If you are applying for your first certificate, upgrading or converting a DP Certificate, the PDF Checklist will become available to download on your account home page, and should be printed off and filled in. This must be scanned and attached to your account. 

You must now send your original documents into the NI offices for processing. Please note that if the physical documents are not sent into our office, the processing cannot be done and the new certificate cannot be issued.

If you are applying for revalidation, you will have confirmed the declaration on your account at the checkout page and you no longer need to send your documents into our office unless specifically requested.

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