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When can I revalidate my Offshore DP Certificate?

Guidelines for 2020 onwards

These guidelines are to provide information for those who have not yet revalidated their DP Certificate, and the actions required if they wish to revalidate. This guidance particularly applies to:

DPOs with DP Certificates issued before 2012

  • Any DP Certificate issued before 2012 that does not have an expiry date will be expire on 31 December 2019.

DPOs with DP Certificates due for revalidation before 2020

  • Any DP Certificate issued after 2012 (and due to expire before 2020) that has not yet been revalidated will also expire on 31 December 2019.

Applicants should note:

  • DP sea time can only be claimed while a DP Certificate is valid. Time completed after the DP Certificate expires cannot be used towards any revalidation.
  • If a DPO applies for their revalidation after the expiry date, the new certificate will only be valid for a period of five years from the previous certificate expiry date.
  • If the DPO cannot complete the required DP sea time before the expiry of the DP Certificate, the Revalidation Course should be completed. Standard rules for revalidation with the course still apply.
  • If a DPO does not revalidate within five years of the expiry date, they need to start the DP training.
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