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Requirements - DPVM

The DPVM Scheme is split into three key parts, which are described below (and attached, in the scheme layout graphic).  There are several routes to enrolling onto the scheme, but all applicants must complete their training within two years of receiving the NI DPVM logbook.

DPVM Scheme Requirements - New entrants

Part 1

The scheme begins with a five-day DPVM course and examination, which must be completed at one of our global accredited training centres:

Once you have passed, the training centre will issue your numbered NI DPVM logbook so that you can move on to Part 2.

Part 2

This is the sea time component of the scheme, which requires 26 sea time days to be completed in a DP engineering/ETO or technical capacity on board a DP-equipped vessel, and a set of specific tasks to be completed.

Seven of these days must be completed on DP days (i.e. days when the DP system is actively engaged and operating).

Part 3

Once Part 2 has been satisfactorily completed, the Master and Chief Engineer will stamp and sign off your experience in the Statement of Suitability.  This must be done on the final sea time day, before you sign off the vessel.


There are two routes to grandfather onto the scheme:

(i) If you have gained a minimum of 150 sea time days in a DP engineering/ETO or other technical capacity in the last five years, then you may be eligible to skip the DPVM course and complete just the NI remote assessment;

(ii) If you have completed the NI-accredited DP Knowledge for Technical Staff (DPKTS) course, then you are eligible to skip Part 1 altogether.

Grandfather applicants applying via route (i) should contact to book their online test.  Upon passing, they will be required to pay for their NI DPVM logbook, which will be mailed directly from NI HQ.  Applicants should then complete the scheme from Part 2 as normal.

Grandfather applicants applying via route (ii) should update and upload the course certificate to their account.  They will then be asked to pay for their NI DPVM logbook, which will be mailed directly from NI HQ.  Applicants should then complete the scheme from Part 2 as normal.

Sea time for grandfather applicants following route (i) may only be asked to present this experience once they have made their online application (i.e. not when booking a test).  Acceptable evidence includes seaman's book entries, logbook entries and/or company confirmation letters and service records.

Please note that all original logbooks containing relevant evidence must be included together with your hard copy, mailed documents once the online application has been made (although clear scans of seaman's book records are acceptable).  Original copies of sea time confirmation letters issued by the company are also required.

Confirmation Letters

All applicants are required to source signed company letters confirming their experience, as part of the mandatory requirements.  The letter template can be downloaded from this page.

Once you are ready to apply...

Kindly make sure your NI account is fully updated with your personal details and application data, and that you have uploaded all the items you are prompted to upload that are relevant to your application.

These will include:

> A full, clear scan of your NI DPVM logbook

> Confirmation letters (and or seaman's book entries, service records, non-NI logbook pages)

> CoC and/or approved MVQ/ticket

> Any/all relevant course (and other training) certificates/licences

> A passport personal details page/driving licence/ID card

> A clear, colour passport-style photograph.

Please refer to our Online Application Guide for more details on the online part of your application process.


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