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I have started the New Offshore Scheme but not yet got my DP Certificate. Can I transfer to the Shuttle Tanker Scheme?

If you would like to convert from the New Offshore Scheme onto the Shuttle Tanker Scheme you will need to surrender your logbook to have it replaced directly by The Nautical Institute. Please provide the two forms below into our office with the required documents:

Request to convert to new scheme letter

Scheme Transfer application form

This option is only suitable if you have completed your Induction Course within the last five years as you will only be able to carry over the DP Induction Course to the new scheme, which must still be in date and have enough time left for you to complete all other elements within five years from the DP Induction Course date. If your Induction Course is over five years old, and you want to transfer to the Shuttle Tanker Scheme you can do this by taking the DP Induction Course at one of our accredited training centres and starting the Shuttle Tanker Scheme from the beginning. You should surrender your old logbook to the centre when attending the DP Induction Course.

If you already have a DP Certificate please click here.

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