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What do the statuses on my account mean?

There are 8 different statuses which can be seen relating to the application. These are: 

  • In Progress – the applicant is currently filling in the online application.
  • Eligible and Not Eligible – the applicant is only able to make the payment for the application once the status has changed to Eligible. Please take note of any error messages that appear on the account.
  • Submitted/Paid – the applicant has completed the online application and made the payment. INITIAL APPLICATIONS - The original documents should now be sent into our office along with the signed PDF Checklist which can be downloaded from the account main page.                             REVALIDATION APPLICATIONS - You do not need to sent your documents into our office as the revalidation process is now online. The PDF Checklist will not show on your account.
  • Received/Not Applied Online - the application has been received but the online application has not been completed. We will keep your documents for two weeks before sending them back by standard post if the online application has not been completed.
  • Received and In Process – the application has been received in our office and is currently in the queue for processing.
  • Query Raised – a query has been raised on your application. Either you or your company has been contacted for more information.
  • Certificate Issued – the application has been processed and the DP certificate has been issued. The documents will be sent back to the address on the account via courier.
  • Unsuccessful – the application contains errors and/or is missing information.  You will have been sent an email detailing the issues within the application that will need to be rectified before making a new application.
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